Driving Off-Road In Your Jeep Vehicle | Decatur, IN

Driving Off-Road In Your Jeep® Vehicle | Decatur, IN

As the weather outside gets warm for summer, many people are going to be out off-roading in their Jeep® vehicles. Here are some helpful tips.

Have a Plan

While the idea of spontaneously going out for a ride may sound fun, it may pose a safety hazard. Take the time to plan your day out. If you’re heading to an off-road park, get a map of the park and ask other drivers and the park staff about the must-see places. Mark places to avoid as well. Also, make sure you have a radio just in case there’s no cell phone reception where you’re headed.

Be Prepared

In addition to planning out your trails before you go, it’s a good idea to prepare your vehicle for the trip. Catch your Jeep® vehicle up on any routine maintenance it may have missed. Have a pro give it a once-over to make sure everything is functioning properly. Then, make sure you pack tools like a jack, pulley strap, tracks, and either a tow strap or a winch. Bring water, too. Staying hydrated is key to surviving a long day out on the trails.

Bring a Friend

Sometimes the unexpected can happen, leaving us stranded. Bringing a companion along can help. Getting stuck, experiencing a flat, or even getting an injury is better dealt with when there’s an extra set of hands around. Even if your friend can do nothing else to help, they can go looking for help in the case of an emergency. Plus, off-roading is more fun when you have a buddy with you.

Avoid Standing Water

Part of the experience of going off-road is driving through creeks and mud, but did you know that you shouldn’t drive through standing water? It’s easy for people to misjudge the depth of puddles. Something that looks only a few inches deep may be much deeper. The real hazard lies at the bottom of these deceptive puddles. Fine, wet silt lies at the bottom of them, allowing tires to sink and get stuck.

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